Lilli Punctual Facade


Founded by the engineers Doriano, Lorenzo, Leonardo Lilli, focuses its activity in the research and development of new building envelope technologies always following the new architectural trends.
Starting from SJS, the innovative system for punctual anchorage façades with spherical joint without drilling glasses, numerous are the patents own by the company whom today brought the company to be recognized as one of the leaders of the field, both in Italy than abroad.
The offer is wide, from punctual façades to the sun-breaker systems and for ventilated façades, including balustrade systems in aluminum, aluminum and glass and full-glass more than the canopies, everything is realized with the best attention to the details, efficiency and design.
Basic among the services, is the engineering activity for the building envelope who allows the customers to get high tech customized solutions.


The system, patented, is formed by extruded profiles and fittings for façades realization in every configuration, with punctual anchorage and spherical joint without drilling glasses.
The supports, available in three versions: one, two and four ways, permit the use of single glass or double-glazing with the same advantages and the same easiness.
The spherical joint is obtained through two spherical caps that, joined to the glass thickness, form a sphere whom, once inserted into the support, allows the glass panels’ movements and deflections preventing the breakings.
The profiles, equipped with grooves allow, through the combination with their fittings, to get variable angle structures for punctual façades and roofs inimizing the managing costs; they are also equipped with grooves for Halfen screws which permit the easy connection of the profiles to the building.


Main reason of its develop is the realization of combined building envelopes: padding-second skin, economics and able to give to the users alternative solutions for wide glass surfaces in the respect of the always more restrictive limits of the new norms for energy saving.

Born as an evolution of the punctual façade, it inherits all the advantages of the spherical joint without drilled glasses and it optimizes the supports fixation system, minimizing the realization costs of the outward skin obtained with technologies which allow the easy installation.

The used technologies are calibrated for the glass typologies usually used for this kind of works.