Wooden Doors & Windows

Premium Wooden Windows from Albertini

Albertini is the only company providing you the slim line windows in real wood(Burma teak/Meranti) apart from all other types of windows including curved windows.

Albertini’s wood window is adaptable to any architectural solution because of the wide range of materials and configurations available to choose from.

The high quality dried laminated wood used to create the window, guarantees excellent noise and thermal insulation. Insulating glass comes standard to maximize comfort in any room during any season.

Particular attention to detail such as rounded glass stop, wood drip cap, covered hinges and stationary sash levers, provide a harmonious look in addition to underlining the manufacturing quality. Albertini’s wood window can be built to accommodate any architectural design or specification, as these windows are only custom built and thus personalized to your needs.


62 years of excellence Founded in 1954, family concern today at the second generation, Albertini produces fine quality exterior indows and doors in wood, wood-aluminium and wood-bronze that distinguish themselves by their structural integrity, functionality and considerable beauty, adaptable to any architectural style and taste.

  • WISA A
  • CLIM A